Boating events, Seacreation trips, Leadership Empowerment Symposiums, Leadership Lunches, Women Empowerment events, Charitable events, and  more scheduled for 2020 and beyond. Come back often for the latest updates.

Our Most recent event was Friday 12/27/2019
We had so much fun the last four Fridays, we’re going do our Noon to Midnight Meet & Greet again this Friday, tomorrow Jan 10, 2020. The Eagles tribute band will be playing. You are invited to our Noon to Midnight Meet & Greet this Friday brought to you by in collaboration with Noon to 1:30pm for Lunch, select from ten entrees with soup, salad, or side all for only $6.99. So come enjoy networking at lunch, music 4 to 6pm, and The Eagles tribute band 8 to 11pm. Please reply Y or N to RSVP for lunch or just drop by, RSVP not necessary unless you’re having lunch. Best to arrive between noon to 1:30pm for networking. 6pm to 11pm for music and mingling.
All the best, James Taylor (JT) Bruce
Please, text Y or N to 954-781-1114 for lunch
since we like to keep RSVPs under 50.
Thank You
Check back here for news about our next event!

Many Thanks to everyone who attended our last event. Many of the attendees contacted us within 48 hours with encouraging words of  gratitude and helpful feedback.  Several asked to be notified at least a week in advance of future events. So we will definitely keep you posted here with a planned online calendar.

An example, one of our recent events was a Leadership Empowerment Symposium on August 22, 2019 at the Keiser University Flagship Campus.

World renowned in more than 40 countries, Dr Nic, conducted a three hour event in the University’s Auditorium. Dr Nic has held this event around the world for more that 20 years. Thousand of people have experienced extraordinary life changing benefits from their attendance and participation.

Below are examples of a few organizations Share The Growth has helped as requested, together with some of the methodologies we incorporate to produce consistently positive sustainable results.

Share The Growth
Private Disaster Relief can be Better than FEMA
Save the ChildrenPhantom Rescue Who Will You Send
West End Bahamas Damage & Relief Efforts

If you have any questions call 954-781-1115 and please leave a message if you do not reach us immediately so we can return your call.